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How 81 Year Old Man Sold Two Houses in 12 Months in Bad Housing Market

We are in a difficult economy and I am going to tell you how my 81 year old dad sold 2 houses in 12 months in this difficult real estate market. He has a third that is soon to go under contract. My dad was a retired builder and building inspector who decided to come out of retirement. He was 80. Here was his strategy:
  • 1. Purchase foreclosed distressed two to three family homes at the best deal possible by offering cash. He purchased these homes on his home equity line of credit.
  • 2. Fix up the homes with all new appliances and remodel them.
  • 3. Purchase construction materials for cheapest price or during close out sales.
  • 4. Hire contractors at the lowest price, which was relatively easy to do in a recession.
  • 5. He purchased the homes in Danbury, Connecticut in areas that were middle to lower middle class to low income areas. He liked Danbury because the job market is strong in the town because of many hospitals and corporate headquarters.
  • 6. His goal was to buy the houses, fix them up and put them back on the market and keep the cost just below market value. The buyer will get a deal and have a newly remodeled multi-family income producing home.
  • 7. While the home was on the market he rented out the properties so that they not only paid for themselves, but also produced income.
In this distressed market, multi-family homes appealed to individuals. What dad offered was a win/win for them. He sold two, and has another home soon to go under contract. He also has a condo that he purchased and is now renting for a profit. He has buyers in line for it, but he is going to hold onto the condo and continue to rent it.
He collected all of his rents and has in his third multi-family a person renting with an option to buy. We rented the condo on Craigslist literally minutes after the ad appeared to a young business man who a major company brought into Danbury. People have made dad offers on that property.
My dad's niche is multi-family or other income producing properties in middle to lower income areas. The owner can rent out a portion to help them pay the rent. He also sells these renovated homes at market or just below market value. While his profit on his homes varied, it is greater than any of his other investments and has been as high as 30%.
Family members disagreed with my dad taking on this venture at the age of 80. They treated him like he was a crazy old man because of his strategy. They told him that he would never collect his rent from any of the people who rented, let alone sell any of the homes. Were they wrong. Dad's approach, which seemed foolish to these family members became a formula for success.

CT Doctor Guilty of Multiple Counts of Rape

Connecticut Doctor Convicted on Multiple Counts of Rape

Dr. Tory Westbrook of Glastonbury, Connecticut was convicted for rape and sexual assault charges from three separate women. Dr. Westbrook worked as a doctor at Community Health Center in Clinton, Connecticut before accepting a job as medical director for Charter Oak Health Center. In addition, he was the medical director for both East Hampton and East Haddam school systems. Connecticut Governor Malloy's SustiNetHealth Care Cabinet enlisted Dr. Westbrook as a health care industry representative.
Within days of Westbrook resigning from Community Health to transfer to his new position, a woman went to the directors of CHC in Clinton and made an allegation of rape against Dr. Westbrook. When the arrest made the news, two other women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of the good doctor. Although he was innocent until proven guilty, Charter Oak placed him on unpaid leave. East Hampton and East Haddam severed their relationship with Westbrook and he resigned. They also terminated Dr. Westbrook's status as the district's medical advisor. At the time the Governor's office  considered immediately removing Westbrook and according to an NBC News Connecticut article stated, "his participation in the Cabinet will not help the State move forward to ensure affordable, accessible care to residents."
In one fell swoop, The State of Connecticut took down Dr. Westbrook, a 43-year-old father of four. Dr. Westbrook's achievements listed on Connecticut's Office of Health Reform website include his co-chairing the Governor's Health Policy Transition Team. He co-chaired the State's Universal Health Plan Project and their subcommittees. He was a past board member of and former board president of the non-profit Hartford Behavioral Health and board member of the Connecticut Health Foundation. Dr. Westbrook was also a commissioner on the State Commission on Health Equity. Despite all of his accomplishments and his having no past criminal record, a judge held Dr. Westbrook on $ 450,000 bond.
According to Norm Pattis, Westbrook's attorney who gave me a statement when I first inquired, "Dr. Westbrook is not guilty of rape. When the warrants are unsealed, it will become apparent that the case is fueled by hysterical overreactions of patients who were undergoing normal clinical examinations. This case has the look and feel of the Salem witchcraft trial. I am confident he will be found not guilty of any crime."
Norm Pattis was wrong, the good doctor was found guilty of rape in November of 2013. That very day Dr. Westbrook's wife, a superior court judge filed for divorce.
What made this story to shocking to me is that Dr. Westbrook was my doctor.  I did not believe Dr. Westbrook was guilty of rape. and from first-hand, experience I can tell you that he was appropriate with me..

We have been reading of these stories occurring with more frequency in these end times.   This was not a doctor I read about in another State, as is usually the case, this was my personal doctor. What has been striking to me is that at one time I reported on stories that happened to others, in faraway places.  Lately several stories that I am writing about happened to people I know.   Such is the case of the arrest and conviction of the Good Doctor. Knowing him personally, he is an intelligent man, seemed dedicated to his profession  and he was married to a smart, accomplished woman.   He had so much going for him, how could he be so foolish? How could he let such immorality rule over his person.  The good doctor fits now right in with 2 Timothy 3:1.He is characteristic of what we are told to expect of wickedness in the end times. 

Despite all of Dr. Tory Westbrook's accomplishments, the sin he gave into  ruled him and destroyed all he worked for and achieved. When others now view him they will see him as the doctor guilty of rape; given over to gross immorality.  His story for me is another illustration of the signs of the times of the end times only this time instead of me telling of a doctor in distant State, he was my doctor.


My Sister Brought a Sex Offender to My Home

Red Flags and Steps to Take for Those in Sex Offender Registry

Horror of horrors, my sister went onto a chat line, met a man and brought him to my home without asking. They dropped in on me and my daughter for a visit. He met my young teenage daughter and his eyes opened real wide. After she drops in with him she informed me that this was her first meeting with this man after talking for three weeks.
Red Flag No. 1 They met on Quest chat, where she reported to me meeting men who are into bazaar fetishes. My sister felt this man was different and genuine.
Red Flag No. 2 His eyes opened wide with glee when he first looked at my daughter: Too happily for a 48 year old man.
He gave her a good deal of information about himself and upon seeing the red flags, here were the steps I took.
Step 1, I asked my sister for his last name. He stated he was a biker who got in a fight and went to prison for assault, and he divorced his wife who was a pill addict.
States usually have data bases, Connecticut has its judicial website and I simply looked him up. The conviction he spoke of did not show up and neither did a divorce.
Red Flag No 3. This man's name showed no record of the facts he stated. He obviously gave her a fake last name. At this point I knew there was something serious he was hiding.
Step 2: Name search-My sister continued the relationship and told me his sister verified all he said and how nice he was treating her. Then she called me with a name she saw on his prescription bottle, good thinking on her part. I put it in a Google search and bingo he was a sexual offender.
Step 3: Criminal charge look up I checked his charges in CT's Judicial Website and he was found guilty on three counts of touching the private parts of a child under 16. Many states now have criminal records available on their judicial websites so that you can look up the charges . I saw that he was not long out of prison and he had served 4 years and was on probation.
Step 4 - I then attempted to obtain the actual police report and I sent a Freedom of Information letter to the Department, but they would not release the report for the protection of the minor but in protecting the minor they also protect this perpetrator.
I learned from my sister that this man also possesses an unregistered gun, that she refuses to inform anyone for fear of him. He told my sister all kinds of lies about the charges and my sister is in part believed him.
Step 5 I contacted this man's probation officer: Katharine Cummings, which you can easily obtain when you know the court they were arrested in. If the court does on provide an online directory you can always phone the clerk of the court and ask for the information. If the person has moved and transferred you can get that information and if they finished their probation, you will have to void this step. I found out from probation that this offender is under house arrest and is not allowed to be on a chat line and cannot go to schools, church or out of his home. Probation ordered him away from my home and told me to phone the police immediately if he shows up at my home. She told me to go onto the CT Sex Offender's website and register to track him. On the site I found the following facts:
  • Most sex offenders (80- 95%) assault people they know.
  • At least half of convicted child molesters report that they also have sexually assaulted an adult.
  • Over 80% of convicted adult rapists report that they have molested children.
These facts along with the recent death this year of my husband so that this man would know that I am alone at home with my daughter.
After completing the above steps I instituted the final step and that is to be aware and I have stepped up my home security and I am driving my daughter more places now. Fortunately I do have a small dog who barks when anyone approaches the home and I am surrounded by neighbors. The best thing anyone can do it to be informed, aware of your surroundings and who comes to your home. By taking all of the above steps you are not going to be an easy victim for a crime.

Woman's Car Parked in Garage for Past 44 Years

Woman's Car Parked in Garage for Past 44 Years

Hoarder Stows Car Among Piles of Junk

In my life I have been exposed to only a couple of hoarders. The first was my mother in law.  She had a good reason for saving everything, her favorite statement was, "but, someone can use this." Nothing surprised me more than the case of my childhood friends mother who has had her car parked in her garage for the last 44 years. In 1960, my friend's dad bought his wife a brand new white four door Chevy Impala. The Impala was so large it could barely make it out of the gate at the end of the driveway of their modest Connecticut home. For this reason he did not like the car and he bought her a Chevy Nova to replace it. Instead of selling the vehicle they kept it and only took it out once a year to drive to Lake George. Sometime around 1966 they parked the car in the garage for good. The 1960 Chevy Impala has only 14,000 original miles. The four door Chevy would only see the light of day one more time. Around 1977 their son who is a friend of my family's the car out of the garage onto the driveway and parked it there while he cleaned the garage floor.
The car has remained in the garage and is hidden beneath the junk that both my friend and his mother have acquired through the years. Dad has since passed away.  My friend lives with his Ninety-two old mother looking after her in their Connecticut home. Both are hoarders and each of their rooms are filled with piles of stuff. The fact that they are both hoarders explains why the 1960 Chevy Impala was never sold and sits with all kinds of junk piled on top of and around it. Upon looking into the garage no one would ever guess that a car lies beneath all of the debris. My friend's mom told me about the tag sale she wanted to have but cannot hold because of her physical condition. While she showed me a room packed full of goods she would like to sell, she made no mention of the 54 year old vehicle in her garage with only 14,000 original miles and not a spot of rust.
Back in the 1960's my friend's dad took off the hubcaps and placed them in the trunk to keep them in mint condition. The seats within the vehicle were covered with plastic, which still rests on them to this day. Normal wear from heat, cold, humidity and age has affected the motor but the tires on the 1960 Chevy Impala look pretty good except for a slight slash on front right tire. This was relayed to me by my friend. It was nearly impossible to see the details. A blanket covers the car. Piles upon piles of stuff are on top of the Impala and around it. Hoarding is said to affect three hundred million persons in the U.S. alone. No one would ever imagine that a hoarder would add a new vehicle that they decided they did not like among their hoarded possessions.

CT Non-Profit Helps Save Taxpayer Dollars for Disadvantaged Children

CT Non-Profit Helps Save Taxpayer Dollars for Disadvantaged Children

CT's Covenant to Care Bridges Church and State Programs

A well known preacher once stated that if churches did their part for the poor and needy, the State would not need to offer so many social programs. This preacher suggested that the church should be shouldering some of the financial burdens the State assumes. Unfortunately, many churches do not look after their congregations poor, disadvantaged and needy and the burden is on taxpayers and the State. But, Connecticut's Covenant to Care accomplishes this very mission.
CT's Covenant to Care is a CT statewide, non profit agency that works along with churches or faith based organizations to meet the needs of CT's abused, neglected, abandoned and at-risk children from birth to age 21. Founded in 1987, by a DCF social worker and an employee of the Christian Conference of Churches, they saw an opportunity to mobilize the faith community to address the needs of disadvantaged children. While operations began after obtaining a grant from the department of health and human services, they also rely on donations and volunteers.
According to CCC estimates, "For every state funded dollar, we return approximately $6.80 worth of goods and services to children." Through CCC's network of FBOs, volunteers, individual donors and businesses, they have provided over 700,000 services to the children of Connecticut through 2010. A research study conducted by St. Joseph College in the Fall of 2001 revealed that CCC saves the State of Connecticut an estimated $39.6 million annually in payments to care for children who were either in foster or residential care, or who were at-risk. According to Meral Prewitt, the AASW (Adopt A Social Worker) Program Coordinator in Southern CT, "Covenant to Care began with the aim of enlisting social workers as volunteers to aid children and families in volatile situations and getting these children to safety and helping meet the needs of the family to keep these families together and help them in their healing process."
In addition to the social workers, Covenant to Care provides mentors for troubled youth along with furnishings and necessities for families reuniting or at risk of losing their children. Through their Children's Enrichment Fund they do such things as send kids to camp, provide car seats, school supplies, books, toys, clothes, warm coats, toiletries, school uniforms, shoes, towels, bed sheets, infant and baby items and more. In addition they hold their annual Discovered Spirit Project, which offers an art contest for children in the CT Department of Children's and Families Foster Care System and Mentoring Program.

CT's Covenant to Care, offers a once a year exhibit featuring masks that children and teenagers from the CT's Department of Children and Families foster care and mentor program create and gives them a voice by expressing themselves through art.
Faced with complex issues of divorce, grief, violence, abuse, neglect, poverty and abandonment, the masks feature a past, present and future theme, which each child interprets based on their feelings and experience. Connecticut artists volunteer their time and talents to the project and a professional artist along with a State politician are among the judges who  offer awards for the masks exhibiting the greatest originality, and representation.

The contest is a means to give these children a voice by encouraging self-expression through art and provides an event where the community can meet the children Covenant to Care services. The children's art goes for sale on Covenant to Care's Zazzle page, which helps them raise funds for their organization. Covenant to care's model is so successful that according to their website other states have followed their lead. For more information on Covenant to Care you can visit their website at